Reshift: the lightweight code security tool built for modern development teams.

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For companies looking to add code security to their software development practices, reshift provides a lightweight, developer-first tool that provides real-time code remediation while fully integrating into existing tools & software workflows.

Unlike other solutions that might include code security as an afterthought, reshift is wholly focused on code security, allowing Java development teams to meaningfully “shift left” – fixing security bugs in code before they reach production.


It won't slow your CI pipeline. reshift detects security vulnerabilities in your code, automates the remediation process with triage assistance and suggested fixes, while detecting more than 100+ classes of security vulnerabilities.


A tool that your developers can get behind. Reshift puts the developers first, by integrating into the tools and workflows your developers are already using.

Proactive security

Reduce your security technical debt, continue improving your security posture and be one step ahead of hackers. Finally, you can have a code security process.

Per Seat pricing

Enterprise grade security with a price tag that works for your team. Security does not have to be expensive. Cancel anytime, no lockouts and no questions asked.

Works with your development environment







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See how reshift can integrate with your modern software development pipeline to help your team find and fix vulnerabilities.

A tool that integrates with the tools and processes that developers care about.

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Securing management software begins at the source code

As their rate of code production increased, they needed an automated code security tool in place to accurately identify threats being introduced during code production.

Reshift security raises a $275K round of financing

This financing will help us develop the platform, accelerate our road map and help software development teams adopt security best practices and ship more secure code. 

With increasing pressures  to deliver value faster, software is being released faster than it ever has been before, and in turn this is shifting the security landscape. 

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A light-weight code security tool built for developers to code securely, fix quickly, and deploy fast.