The best way to fix vulnerabilities? Don't create them in the first place.


Reshift now supports JavaScript!

We just launched JavaScript scanning support!

Developers are to fix issues before code is checked in.

Reshift makes shifting security left seamless with security bug detection and remediation at compile time.

Developer-centric solution

A security tool that works with your developers, without slowing them down. Reshift integrates with the developers’ IDE so security issues are found in real-time and fixed before the code is merged.

Less set up. More doing.

Not a security expert? Reshift is made for SMB’s, making it easy to set up with no need for security expertise.

Lightweight security tool

New to security? Reshift makes it easy to build code security into your pipeline for the first time. A tool built for growing software companies looking to level up their security.

Built in security coach

Improve code security, while learning about secure code.Reshift provides rich content and best practices, so developers learn about security while writing code.

Shifting security left.



Security during


Developers can identify vulnerable code within their IDE, as they write custom code. 

Learn and fix

When security issues are introduced, Reshift provides developers with rich overviews and code fix suggestions so developers can confidently remediate issues faster and learn to write more secure code.

Security during


With code review workflow developers can merge cleaner code to master branches and pull on other teammates for review, enabling developers to scan their code as they create pull requests.


As a team lead you receive reports for historical overviews of overall project health, developer activity, and total issues fixed.

Security during

Security gates

Never ship unsecure code again. By enabling security policies for each of your  team’s projects, security vulnerabilities never make it to production.

Enforce compliance

Have confidence your developers’ projects are OWASP Top 10 compliant.

for security bugs

auto remediation reshift

One-click autofix

With autofix, we reduce the time to fix security vulnerabilities. Developers with little security training can quickly remediate found vulnerabilities with a simple pull request.

Watch reshift in action

See how reshift can integrate with your modern software development pipeline to help your team find and fix vulnerabilities.

Works with your development environment









Reshift currently only supports Java & JavaScript, join the wait list for others.

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Securing management software begins at the source code

As their rate of code production increased, they needed an automated code security tool in place to accurately identify threats being introduced during code production.

Reshift launches an IntelliJ plugin

The IntelliJ plugin that enables developers to find vulnerabilities in their own custom code and help them remediate with rich issue descriptions within the IDE. 

With increasing pressures  to deliver value faster, software is being released faster than it ever has been before, and in turn this is shifting the security landscape. 

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A light-weight code security tool built for developers to code securely, fix quickly, and deploy fast.