About Us

At reshift security, we empower software development teams to secure their code early on in development with an easy to use code review tool that works within the developer environment. 

 Reshift integrates seamlessly into the software development workflow so organizations can continuously deploy secure software deliverables without slowing down their pipeline.

Our Team

Sherif Koussa

Founder & CEO

Olivia Harris

Director of Marketing

Emad M

Senior Software Developer

Olivier Hamel

Machine Learning Engineer

Svetozar Miucin

Senior Software Engineer

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What We Value

Keeping it Secure

We care about how our clients can do what they do without having to worry about hackers disrupting their work.

Owning It

Our engineers work hard to improve the state of web application security. To get there, we need to own every project,  assessment, and line of code.

Curiosity & Humility

We are dedicated to learning and constantly improving. We hire the best of the best, humility is a key to remaining the best.

Deep Dive

Hard problems require diving deep to understand the real cause of the problem, we are not afraid of diving deep to come up with the best solutions.

Bold & Impacting

We take big risks to alleviate our client's risk; Taking risks is part of what we do daily so we ensure the highest impact of our solutions.

Want to join our reshift team?

We are looking for creative, hard-working, passionate people to help us improve application security and make it more accessible to every software development team.