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Finally, a developer-first custom code security tool for JavaScript.

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Seamlessly integrated with developer tools

Reshift makes it easy to add security to development and operations, early on and continuously.

Code Review Workflow

With code review workflow developers can merge cleaner code to master branches and pull on other teammates for review, enabling developers to scan their code as they create pull requests.

Confidence Scoring

Reshift’s accuracy improves the more your developers use it. With vulnerability modelling, Reshift prioritizes the bugs that your developers should tackle first.

JavaScript Security Alerts

Scanned projects are displayed on the Reshift dashboard. Each project will remain as passing until the security standing of a project fails the threshold of the security gates set. This makes it easy for your team to focus on remediating security bugs that are high priorities.

JavaScript DevSec Coach

Empower your developers to action security bugs quicker. DevSec Coach gives developers the information they need to evaluate and fix each security bug quicker.

What our users think of Reshift

"Reshift ties easily into our workflow, like GitHub, single sign on, and our pull requests. It makes it very manageable to scan the security issues that are being introduced into our code and allows us to resolve them quickly before they even make it out to production. That provides a lot of value to us as a company and gives us more confidence in our deployments. "
Kyle Campbell
Director of Site Reliability Engineering
I attended Reshift Security's DevSecOps webinar series. These were great talks. After years of researching security as a developer, attending conferences, receiving mentorship from industry leaders, attending OWASP and WOSEC meetups, this tool is at the top of my list of low friction ways to introduce security into the development life cycle.
Lana Lodge
Full Stack Software Engineer

Friday Oct 23rd @ 12PM EST

Injection attacks are very common in JavaScript due to how the language works. During this webinar we will go over the different versions of injection attacks and the different ways of mitigating them.

Friday Oct 30th @12PM EST

XSS is one of the most common vulnerabilities in general but it is even more prominent in JavaScript based stacks due to the increased attack surface. Although, Angular and React are doing better in terms of mitigations there are still a few places that need attention if you are using these frameworks.

Friday Nov 6th @12PM EST

Prototype Pollution is the latest security pain the JavaScript ecosystem. Protoype pollution can sometimes lead to arbitrary code execution, sanitizer bypass and slew of other vulnerabilities. Additionally, we are going to tackle denial of service in JavaScript and how to mitigate it.

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