Careers at reshift security

At Reshift Security, we help software development teams integrate security early on in the software development life cycle. We are looking for creative, hard-working, passionate people to help make application security more accessible to every software development team. Check out our available job postings.

Company Benefits

Career Growth

We are one of the fastest growing security companies in Canada. Whether you are a breaker, defender, or builder, we can grow together.

Learning Potential

You will work on challenging problems and be encouraged to attend conferences and give talks at local and international events.


You will receive competitive salary and participate in a generous stock options plan.


We host team lunch and learns to help each other grow, and encourage mentorship from more senior team members.

Accelerator Partners

We are involved with L-Spark and Invest Ottawa where we get to attend events, receive mentorship, and other perks.


Team Lunches

Every Thursday our team gets together and orders lunch or goes out as a team for lunch.

Audible Account

You will have access to free books with our company audible account.

Health Coverage

We have good health care coverage for dental, vision, and additional medical expenses.

Free Parking On-site

You will receive a property parking pass.

Remote Work

The option to work remote occasionally.

Personal Development

We allocate a budget to each employee for personal development and training.

Flexible Hours

Offer flexible hours to help accommodate your life outside of work.

3 Weeks Vacation

Every employee has a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation.

Drinks & Snacks

Free coffee, tea, and snacks in the office.

Team Outings

Each member of the team hosts a monthly outing. There are 2 annual team building activities.

Job Openings

C\C++ Engineer (Compilers )

reshift security is looking for a self-motivated C\C++ Engineer to help us build our scanning technology. As a software engineer at reshift security, you will have the opportunity to build our software form the ground up and bring our solution to the market. You will mainly help write our core engine, and work on our machine learning engine.

I'm Awesome

There isn’t quite a job posting that fits what you are searching for but you would like to drop us your resume in case a new position comes up that we think aligns with your skills and qualifications.

Why work at Reshift Security

“Since starting, I haven’t stopped learning. Everyday I am taking on new challenges and there is absolutely no limit to my role.”
Olivia Harris
Director of Marketing
“I can explore the world of machine learning from a security perspective, with an outstanding, supportive team."
Chen Xenwei
Machine Learning Engineer