Spring can specify functionality within a Java Server Page(JSP) to inject into the eval tag an expression to be executed at render time. If the expression can be wholly or partially control by user input, an attacker could inject dynamic values to inject code to be executed when the page is rendered on the server.

Impact of JSP Spring Eval

Method invocation and arbitrary code execution can occur within the context of the application allowing for sensitive data exposure, system access and even the risk of the entire server being compromised.

Fixes for JSP Spring Eval

The source of the value(s) should be verified to avoid unfiltered values falling into this risky code evaluation

<%@ taglib prefix="spring" uri="http://www.springframework.org/tags" %>
<spring:eval expression="${param.lang}" var="lang" />
<%@ taglib prefix="spring" uri="http://www.springframework.org/tags" %>
<spring:eval expression="'${param.lang}'=='fr'" var="languageIsFrench" />

must be changed to,

<c:set var="lang" value="${param.lang}"/>
<c:set var="languageIsFrench" value="${param.lang == 'fr'}"/>

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CWE-94: Improper Control of Generation of Code (‘Code Injection’)
CWE-95: Improper Neutralization of Directives in Dynamically Evaluated Code (‘Eval Injection’)
Spring Documentation: Class EvalTag