Security Enablement

Reshift helps your team gain security discipline cumulatively, while moderating security and the speed of software development.

Features to level up your security

Reshift equips developers with the right features to help them make quick decisions about security bugs, giving more time back to development.

Security gates

Never ship unsecure code again. By enabling security gates for each of your team’s projects, you can fail the build when the minimum security policy isn’t met.


Reshift makes it easy to meet compliance requirements. Reshift scans for over 100+ security categories including OWASP Top 10 and others.

Confidence scoring

Reshift's accuracy improves the more your developers use it. With vulnerability modelling, Reshift prioritizes the bugs that your developers should tackle first.

100+ security categories

Reshift scans for more than 100 security categories, all backed by security research.


Restrict anon access

RPC enabled extensions

RSA no padding

Scala command injection

Scala path traversal

Scala QL injection

Sensitive data exposure

STMP header injection

Spring entity leak


TAV tampering

Time attack

Untrusted user input

Unvalidated redirect

URLconnection SSRF FD

Weak hashing

Weak message digest

Wicket XSS

XPATH injection


XXE document

XXE XMLreader

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A light-weight code security tool built for developers to code securely, fix quickly, and deploy fast.