Lightweight Source Code Security

Reshift code security automates the detection of over 100 classes of vulnerabilities in your source code. Reshift also automates vulnerability remediation saving developers time and putting security on autopilot.

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All The Features Your Pipeline Needs

Tight Git Integration

Working with the tools that you use and integrating with your development environment, so code security feels as if it’s not even there.

Remediation Assistance

Helps developers triage issues faster by explaining the issue and risk, while also providing contextual remediation code samples.

Automated Fixes

reshift offers fix suggestions for vulnerabilities found in your code. If you choose to “apply this fix” reshift will track the fix progress and create a pull request. 

Pull-request Workflow

Merge cleaner code to master branches by enabling developers to scan their code as they create pull requests.

Security Policy Settings

Integrate custom security gates into your DevOps pipeline that maximizes code security while maintaining the pipeline’s throughput.


Issue Probability

Each vulnerability has a confidence score that changes based on your confirmation of triaging decisions, so you can have less false positives the more you use the app with reshift’s vulnerability modelling.

Detailed DevSec View

Enable your development team to start on fixes quicker by giving them a developer view of the issues with all the security knowledge they need to understand the issues and start fixing it.

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Security Vulnerabilities You Care About


Restrict anon access

RPC enabled extensions

RSA no padding

Scala command injection

Scala path traversal in

Scala SQL injection

Sensitive data exposure

STMP header injection

Spring entity leak


TAV tampering

Time attack

Untrusted user input

Unvalidated redirect

URLconnection SSRF FD

Weak hashing

Weak message digest

Wicket XSS

XPATH injection


XXE document

XXE XMLreader

Watch reshift in action

See how reshift can integrate with your modern software development pipeline to help you find and fix vulnerabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my source code?

Your source code never leaves the build machine. The metadata generated from your source is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Transparency is very important to us. 

What kind of support do I have?

Join our Slack Channel, have your questions answered and be apart of the reshift community. We will also make ourselves available to you via email.

Is reshift a security scanner?

reshift is a static code analysis tool, but it goes beyond a ‘one-time’ scan tool, and offers features to help reduce the effort required to categorize and assess vulnerabilities.

What framework does reshift support?

Build plugins for Maven and Gradle are supported.

Is it going to slow down the performance of my build?

Build times will increase 5-10% based upon the added computation to scan the code and generate code graphs. 

How do you create a confidence score for each issue?

We generate code graphs that represent your software code base. We use the code graphs to feed the graph neural network with issue predictions on how true or false each issue is. This helps prioritize and triage security violations. Our machine learning algorithm is constantly evolving as you label security violations. You can find more details about how we do it within the documentation section.

How does reshift help find vulnerabilities faster?

reshift eliminates the noise associated with static analysis.  If an issue is not a valid security threat, it can be labelled as such and will reduce the probability of similar issues showing up in future scans.

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A light-weight code security tool built for developers to code securely, fix quickly, and deploy fast.