Reshift IntelliJ plugin

Reshift has released an IntelliJ plugin that enables developers to find vulnerabilities in their own custom code and help them remediate with rich issue descriptions within the IDE. 

Our mission at reshift is to empower development teams to shift security left by seamlessly integrating security checks early on at the code development level. Development teams want to create software fast and release often, without having security bog them down. This is our biggest priority at reshift. 

When we first built reshift it was integral for us to exist within developers’ environments, which is why we integrate with Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab. This enables vulnerability checks with every build or pull request to monitor code changes in the repository. Security becomes a part of the software development process, and teams can have confidence pushing code to production.

To align with our mission, we want to push security even further left, by enabling code security checks before developers even check in their code. Developers live in their IDE, and now the reshift plugin can work directly within IntelliJ.

You can now have reshift security in your IntelliJ IDE, seamlessly integrating code security with a list of security checks curated by security experts. What’s more, you also get access to our database of rich developer-centric  issue descriptions to quickly action remediation.

The plugin supports Maven and Gradle, and it is completely free!




  • A curated list of security checks, vetted by security experts
  • Clear developer-centric issue descriptions
  • Additional vulnerability resources
    • remediation help
    • real company examples
    • real tales
    • external links
  • No configuration
  • No login required

Developer issue descriptions


Installing the reshift plugin

If you’re looking to install the reshift security plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, here is a step by step guide you can follow.