As Covid-19 increases remote working and organizational concerns about security, Reshift’s “10 Weeks to Zero Vulnerabilities” webinar series is gathering security experts, software developers and technology leaders from some 17 countries for a weekly tutorial on eliminating software vulnerabilities.

OTTAWA, May 15, 2020 – Reshift Security Inc., a Software as a Service (SaaS) start-up that helps software development teams find and fix code vulnerabilities faster and earlier in the software development cycle, announced today that over 400 software professionals from some 17 countries have attended one or more of the first 5 installments of Reshift’s “10 weeks to Zero Vulnerabilities” webinar series. In March 2020, Infosecurity Magazine reported, “Cyber-Attacks Up 37% Over Past Month as #COVID19 Bites”. In April 2020, a WHO news release cautioned, “WHO reports five-fold increase in cyber attacks, urges vigilance”.In response, Reshift launched the free webinar series “10 Weeks to Zero Vulnerabilities” to strong tech community interest.

Nancy Gariché, a senior cyber security analyst with the Government of Canada commented, “I have been enjoying the sessions. They are value-packed. Sherif and the team are doing a great job of keeping everyone engaged and making these sessions super interactive.” 

Each week, Reshift CEO Sherif Koussa takes one of the top 10 web application security risks identified by the Open Web Application Security Project Foundation (“OWASP” and the “OWASP Top Ten”) and demonstrates how to track down and eliminate that vulnerability in source code. Through real world examples of the economic and reputational damage caused by the exploited vulnerability, and careful analysis of the underlying technical conditions that create the vulnerability, Koussa explains how to find, fix and avoid it in the future.

Nicholas Hebert, a DevSecOps lead at Siemens commented, “I’ve recently taken on some more security focused engineering work in my role at Siemens and these webinars provide a fun and informative way of both refreshing concepts I’ve learned and fleshing out the concepts to real-world edges.”

The deep software security knowledge and experience of the Reshift team allowed the webinar series to be developed quickly and delivered at a moment when authoritative and reliable information is most needed.

Reshift CEO Koussa expressed satisfaction with the series and audience engagement saying, “We are helping software development teams adapt to the new norm, learn new skills and get out of these uncertain times with both stronger teams and stronger applications.”

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For more information about Reshift Security Inc., please contact CEO Sherif Koussa at +1 (613) 899-4121 or [email protected].